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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Thanks to one of the greatest movie quotes, one thing we know for sure is, “the debt all men pay is death.” (National Treasure.) We can be easily consumed, or even obsess, over things that doesn’t matter. Things like technology news feeds, fake news, gossip around the work place or what people think of us. If there has been one small decision in my life that has turned my life around it is to be present in the moment.

I found myself becoming someone who valued my phone more than my relationships. In my line of work, it was appropriate, and almost expected, to be tied to your device. If you weren't, you must not be doing much business. It crept up on me slowly until one day my husband asked if I could at least tell him if I'm "working" while on my phone when he tries to talk to me or if it's something I can pause and communicate with him on. Stop. Reread: If I could at least tell him if I'm "working" while on my phone when he tries to talk to me or if it's something I can pause in order to communicate with him.

"Who am I?" I remember hearing him say this, looking up from my phone and just blinking at him. My immediate thoughts were, "why would he ask me to do that?" "I am always listening to him, aren't I?"

Apparently there were many a time he would engage with me with no response because I was consumed by my devise. My heart sank when I realized I was making this inanimate object a priority over my husband. If I was doing that to him, who else felt this way?

I started the detox phase quickly after that. I stopped picking up first thing when I woke up. I stopped the nighttime routine of getting into bed and mindlessly trolling Facebook. I now value these times in the day where I can connect with my husband. We spend the majority of our lives away from our loved ones, working. Why would I choose to spend the time I do have with them to be glued to my phone.

As we anxiously await the arrival of our first born (10 days but who's counting?) I feel an even bigger push to be present. For my husband, my son and for me. These are the days we will never get back. Our last with just the two of us and the near future with the wild ride we're about to embark on.

I am thankful I made the small decision to be present in these moments as this small decision will shape the rest of my and my family's life.

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